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Asset Management Services

Aegis Capital is a Federally Registered Investment Adviser. We have third-party access to over 450 World Class Private Portfolio Managers. If an advisor likes to have daily contact with the Manager, Aegis offers in-house Private Managers. They work with the advisor to meet the client’s customized investment objectives. If you like to personally manage your client portfolios, we support that arena in multiple manners, which makes the process simple through technology that provides asset allocations, multi-security modeling, optimization, hypothetical analysis, and cash-flow analysis.

While many in the industry enforce stringent guidelines, we at Aegis give advisors the ability to discount their billing and minimums when it makes sense for the clients and the advisors.

Aegis Capital provides access to CFAs who can help consult with clients and reps on a range of products, whether it’s financial planning or assessing risk in one’s portfolio. Aegis gives an advisor the access to get another opinion from within. Ask for examples of our portfolio reviews.