Institutional Services

Institutional Investors

Aegis strategies are exclusively focused on serving institutional clients through accessing proprietary research coupled with independent research relationships.  We seek to engage in ongoing dialogue with a broad range of industry and corporate sources to develop unique and differentiated sources of information. We look to identify investment alternatives that may be mispriced or misunderstood by the broader investing community.

Our strategies also specialize in creating detailed alternative scenario analysis that can highlight potential investment opportunities. Our focus is on presenting those investment cases to institutional investors in a clear and concise fashion.

Sales Trading

Aegis’ well-seasoned sales and trading capabilities enable us to provide institutional clients with exceptional execution and insight into market dynamics.

Our sales process is closely aligned with our strategies, which seek to provide clients with actionable ideas and a differentiated perspective on companies under coverage and toward equity markets in general. Those ideas and perspectives are tailored exclusively to the needs of institutional investors, with distribution exclusive to that market segment.

This value-added process is coupled with high-quality execution. Aegis’ trading professionals are in contact on a continual basis with many other market makers and trading desks, providing efficient, anonymous liquidity, with all efforts focused on executing client trades at the most favorable prices possible.