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Special Purpose Vehicles.

Aegis Special Situations Fund LLC and its successors (together, the “Funds”) are each a Delaware series limited liability company created for the purpose of making and managing investments in mid- or late-stage pre-IPO technology and services companies (each an “Issuer” and collectively the “Issuers”). The Funds intend to purchase securities of Issuers ("Issuer Securities”) from shareholders of Issuers in so-called “secondary market transactions” and may also acquire Issuer Securities directly from Issuers in one or more direct private placement transactions.

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The Funds’ general investment strategy is to acquire Issuer Securities and to hold them until such time as the relevant Issuer completes an Initial Public Offering of its securities (an “IPO”) or other liquidity event such as a sale of the Issuer or all or substantially all of its assets (a “Liquidity Event”) in respect of the related Issuer Securities. There can be no assurance that Issuers will be able to complete such an IPO or Liquidity Event, that Issuer Securities will increase in value or have any value at all, that any market for Issuer Securities will develop or that the Funds will be able to dispose of Issuer Securities.

The Funds have purchased the securities of or acquired beneficial interests in such Issuers as Lyft, Didi Chuxing, Airbnb, and Insightec among others.

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